On October 20, 2017, the Department of Energy (“DOE”) published an “Enforcement Policy Statement for Certain Consumer Water Heaters with Commercial Applications,” which impacts the product offering Rheem® brings you. The policy can be foun... read more

  ENVIROPLUG® MEDIUM & COARSE were the FIRST bentonite chips developed and marketed. They are pure Wyoming Bentonite, designed for use as sealants for hole abandonment, casing seals or any vertical seal to prevent water movement up or down a bor... read more

UNI-DRILL® conditions drilling fluids to control fluid loss, prevent formation clays from swelling, and will keep tools clean by preventing bit balling. UNI-DRILL® is a unique proprietary liquid polymer designed for use in tunneling, rotary and horizont... read more

Marathon Water Heaters: Just a reminder that Rheem will cease manufacturing Marathon Hot Water Heaters larger than 50 gallons at the end of this year (2017).  Manufacturers must meet the Department of Energy’s Energy Factor on most water heaters produc... read more