If your home uses a well system for water, you know the importance of a reliable, durable well tank. Your well tank is a water storage container, providing you with a sufficient supply of water when you need it. Without a well tank, your well pump would need to turn on every time you opened a faucet. This means every time you turn on a sink to wash your hands, flush a toilet, or take a shower, your well pump would have to turn on to maintain the water pressure. Turning on and off so frequently can cause your system to over-cycle and break down. A well tank keeps a large volume of water on hand, reducing how often your well pump has to turn on. Instead, the well pump only turns on when the air pressure within the well tank decreases due to water usage. A well tank not only protects your well pump from overuse, but also reduced energy consumption.

But not all well tanks are the same. Flexcon Flex-Lite composite well tanks, available from Hydro Pump Company, offer the performance of a steel well tank in a lightweight composite design. Flex-Lite well tanks use the latest evolution of the field-proven controlled action diaphragm design that Flexcon introduced in Well-Rite steel tanks in 1998. This allows the Flex-Lite well tanks to offer durability that is equal to that of Flexcon’s high-end steel tanks while weighing one-third less.

Flex-Lite composite well tanks feature an improved CAD-2 diaphragm design that is stronger and won’t crease or wear out like bag design tanks are prone to do. They feature a chlorine-resistant 100-percent butyl diaphragm with a precision molded copolymer polypropylene lower water chamber that provides superior air and water separation. This patented design allows each size tank to have a properly sized water chamber, which is matched to the drawdown performance of that specific tank.

These corrosion-proof well tanks are reinforced with durable, continuous strand fiberglass and are sealed with weather-resistant epoxy resin to protect them from the elements. This design makes Flex-Lite composite well tanks suitable for underground installation. They feature a rugged base that is engineered to withstand maximum loads and extreme environmental conditions.

Flex-Lite composite well tanks are offered in a variety of sizes, making it simple to find that one that best accommodates your water needs.