Saves Money, Saves Water!

Seisco tankless are designed to provide sufficient hot water for most any application. Compact size, not venting required, can be installed closer to where you use hot water to save energy and water.

Seisco Exclusives: 

  • “Buy American” 100% compliant
  • Dry-Fire Protection – cannot dry fire elements
  • Temperature controlled flow detection for fast activation (at less than 0.30 GPM)
  • No moving parts subject to early failure from effects of water exposure (e.g. flow switch, turbine flow meter)
  • UL listed and tested to UL499 Appliance and more stringent UL834 Space Heating standard
  • Control tested by UL to achieve “Recognized Component” as temperature limit control under the requirements of UL 353 and CSA C22.2

Patented Power-Sharing Technology:

  • Virtually eliminates scaling
  • Accurate microprocessor thermostatic temperature control
  • DESIGNED to avoid scalding
  • Saves energy activates only on demand
  • Works with low flow fixtures and energy saving appliances
  • Designed to work safely with all pre-heated water applications

Built and Tested for Reliability:

  • Uses Standard immersion water heater elements available everywhere
  • Easily serviced without removing from the wall
  • Self-diagnostics including leak detection shutdown
  • Built with DuPont Engineering Polymers for strength and reduction of scaling potential

Greater Customer Satisfaction:

  • Patented control avoids flicker and other power quality issues
  • Fast start-up with consistent temperature output even as demand varies
  • Nearly silent operation – Versatile installation options

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