Geothermal and Water - Source Equipment

GeoExcel is a superior line of residential and commercial geothermal equipment with ultimate performance and reliability as the standard. This product line is unmatched in overall efficiency and dependable service.


At Q Energy Systems, Quality is measured in everything we do. So when Q Energy Systems set out to build the best geothermal heat pump in the industry, there was no sacrificing quality. The result, see for yourself.


Conditioned air means comfort and at Comfort-Aire, we’re in the business of making you comfortable, whether at home, work, school, or at play. We offer a broad product selection for both residential and commercial use. Whether for heating or cooling, our products meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and they’re designed for reliability.

Water Heaters and Tanks

Rheem’s Marathon Water Heaters are the most durable electric water heater ever made. They have a high efficiency design and a lightweight tank that won’t corrode and are available in 40, 50, 85 and 105 gallon capacities. The tank is a seamless polybutene tank – impervious to rust and corrosion and is warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home.

Hydronic and Radiant Floor Equipment
comfort pro

Comfort Pro Systems offers a complete line of products for radiant heat systems (in floor), Pex Pipe for potable water systems, and snow and ice melting systems. Also included are mini duct heating and cooling systems as well as pre-insulated Pex Pipe.


Benchmark Foam, Inc. is a manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam. We offer a wide variety of products including the Heated Flooring System insulations known as Thermo-Snap™ (patented), our 4' x 4' in-floor insulation panels into which radiant tubes easily snap into manufactured pathways.

Flow Center and Pump Controls
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B & D Mfg., Inc. supplies distributors with flow centers manufactured in-house along with manifolds and other specialty parts. We also offer P.E. Pipe, P.E. fittings, fusion tools and many other geothermal products needed in the industry.


Geo-Flo is the geothermal heating and cooling industry’s leading manufacturer of geothermal loop pump modules. We offer flow centers also known as flow controllers and pump packs for both commercial and residential applications. We offer the option of pressurized or non-pressurized flow centers.