OxyBlast An Economical Water Treatment for Livestock, Poultry and Residential Use

  • Cleans up water contaminants
  • Cleans up well pumps, water lines, waterers, stock tanks and holding tanks
  • Producers report better overall health of livestock, and poultry that leads to better production

Hydrogen peroxide is the basis of Oxy Blast. Many people are just now becoming aware of how natural hydrogen peroxide is. It is found in the rain and snow – it is found in the oceans – it is even made by our bodies and a part of our immune system to help handle invading pathogens.

Oxy Blast
Oxy Blast is hydrogen peroxide eloptically enhanced with “subtle energies” of natural ingredients. This gives Oxy Blast over ten times the effectiveness of plain hydrogen peroxide. These “subtle energies” are inducted by a proprietary process using “concise scalar interferometry.” (CSI)

Cleans Water Supply
Oxy Blast is effective at reducing many of the problems associated with farm well water including dissolved ferrous iron, iron slime, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. Proper filtration is also helpful
when necessary.

Livestock & Poultry Producers Noticed

  • Cleaner well pumps/ water pipes/waterers
  • Increased water/feed consumption of animals
  • Reduced respiratory or gut problems
  • Improved daily gains
  • Increased feed conversion
  • Lowered medication and vet bills
  • A way to dechlorinate their water supply
  • A natural deworming effect

Swine Producers Report Lower incidences of:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Ileitis
  • Hemmorhagic bowel syndrome
  • PRRS
  • Circo virus
  • Strep infections

Compliant with USDA Organic Regulations

Dairy Producers Report

  • Increases milk yields – peaks are longer
  • Lowers somatic cell counts
  • Increases butterfat content
  • Reduces retained placentas
  • Helps reduce scours in newborn calves
  • Increases levels of colostrum after calving
  • Reduces incidences of mastitis
  • Eliminates foot rot
  • Can be applied topically to hairy warts
  • Treatment for mastitis
  • Removes milkstone from pipeline
  • Improves conception rates
  • Stronger heat cycles

Feedlot Cattle Producers Report

  • Reduced shipping fever
  • Improved hoof condition
  • Cattle are more content
  • Less waterborne diseases

Poultry Raisers Report

  • Less incidence of disease
  • Less leg and tendon problems
  • Drier

Very Economical to Use
Oxy Blast is currently available in a 34% and 50% concentrations for just pennies a day.

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