PowerTECx is an engineered alternative to silica sand specifically formulated to be field mixed with Thermal Grout Lite or Thermal Grout Select to achieve thermal conductivities ranging from 0.79-1.60 Btu/hr·ft·°F. Use PowerTECx with, or as a replacement for traditional silica sand to lower mixed viscosity, reduce formation losses, decrease grout weight, and to minimize the amount of material required at the job site.


  • Thermal Grout Lite
  • Thermal Grout Select


  • All Horizontal and Vertical boring applications especially where silica sand is difficult to source or expensive to ship.
  • Horizontally Bored GHEX installations to lower viscosity and improve pumpability.
  • Loopfield installations where space is limited and the reduction of total material on-site is beneficial.
  • Commercial ground heat exchange designs that require thermal conductivities above 1.20 Btu/hr·ft·°F.


  • Capable of achieving thermal conductivities up to 1.60 Btu/hr·ft·°F.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for silica sand on the jobsite.
  • Lower viscosity and self-lubricating nature decreases wear on grouting equipment.
  • Decreases formation losses in fractured and porous formations as compared to traditional thermal grout mixes.
  • Reduces total freight cost for a project by decreasing the required amount of dry material.
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified to not contribute contaminants to drinking water that could cause adverse health effects.


Water Volume Warning:

  • Mixes using PowerTECx are extremely sensitive to mix water volume. It is strongly recommended that a water meter assembly like GeoPro’s Water Meter Kit be used with every PowerTECx installation.

Mix Ratio Warning:

  • PowerTECx mixes vary greatly from the traditional silica sand recipes. Contact GeoPro for assistance in estimating material needed for a project.

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