Geothermal heat pump systems are rapidly growing in popularity for both residential and commercial applications, and for good reason. Geothermal heat pump systems offer as much as four times the cost savings over the most efficient conventional forced air systems. When installing geothermal heat pump systems, engineers and architects are specifying Centennial Plastics’ geothermal exchange pipe due to the ease and economy of installing it.


Centennial Plastics’ geothermal exchange pipe is the smart choice for closed-loop geothermal heat pump systems. It is engineered to withstand the working pressures and temperatures of a geothermal heat pump system. Centennial Plastics’ CenFuse geothermal pipe is the first to be certified by the new NSF/ANSI 358-1 standard. It can be securely fused to the Centennial Bullet U-Bend fittings at the plant, resulting in the exclusive Centennial EarthLoop, which can be installed easily as soon as it arrives on the site. The Centennial Bullet U-Bend fittings accommodate CenFuse pipe and are the narrowest U-bend fittings on the market, which allows for a narrower bore hole, less grout, and less annular space for more efficient drilling.


Centennial Plastics is a premier manufacturer of polyethylene pipe products and leading supplier to the geothermal exchange industry. Centennial Plastics belongs to the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, a non-profit organization established to advance ground source heat pump technology on local, state, national, and international levels. It is also a member of the Geo Exchange Organization. Centennial is committed to making the very best polyethylene pipe products, measuring their success by the satisfaction of their customers.


Centennial geothermal exchange pipe offers a 50-year non-prorated warranty, the best in the industry.