Since its inception 70 years ago, Franklin Electric has become the world’s largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors and a global leader in the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water. Franklin is recognized as a technical leader in its specialties.

Franklin’s 6-inch and 8-inch submersible motors are no exception to Franklin’s exceptional line of products. These motors are a reliable, efficient, and trouble-free method for powering a pump and are built to last. Franklin’s submersible motors provide large amounts of water for irrigation, community water systems, and factories where large flows or pressure are required.

The standard submersible motors, carried by Hydro Pump Company, are used in large demanding water wells that require high flow rates or deeper installation. They are built for operation in most water wells with a diameter of 6 inches or larger. They are commonly used for agricultural, municipal, industrial, mining, booster, reverse osmosis, and oil and gas applications. The 6-inch standard motor offers a 3450 RPM 60 Hz design point and a 5-60 HP range for superior pump head flow and yield. The 8-inch standard motor offers 2900 or 3525 RPM and a 40-200 HP range.

Features Include:

  • Maximum temperature winding wire NEMA Class 200
  • Double flange design for ease of handling and pump mounting
  • Splined shaft for maximum shaft and coupling contact
  • Resin encapsulated windings
  • Hermetically-sealed stator
  • Carbon ceramic rotating face seal
  • Copper bar rotor
  • Kingsbury-type water-lubricated design performance
  • Pressure-equalizing diaphragm
  • Water-Bloc lead connection
  • Subtrol heat sensor