Traditional forced air and radiator heating systems are inefficient and leave much to be desired. Because heat rises, the warm air ends up near the ceiling rather than in the lower portion of the room that you actually occupy. To achieve a comfortable temperature, you need to either increase the temperature or use fans to force the warm air back down. This is particularly true in rooms with vaulted ceilings. Rooms with hard surface flooring, like tile, are cold to walk on and are more difficult to keep warm. In addition, these traditional systems often produce noticeable fluctuations in temperature. But there is a solution – radiant floor heating from AquaHeat.

AquaHeat’s hydronic radiant floor heating system produces a consistent heat that will keep every square inch of your home equally warm, without fluctuation, drafts, or hot and cold spots. AquaHeat’s radiant floor heating system heats your home by pumping warm water through specially designed tubing laid under or within the floor. The heat radiates to the surface and rises evenly throughout the room. The floor surface and the air directly above it, to the height sensed by the occupants, remains consistently warm. This means you can be comfortably warm at a lower temperature setting. In fact, you may find you can turn the temperature down even more while sitting since you’re closer to the floor and the source of the heat. With AquaHeat’s hydronic radiant floor heating system, your floor will always be a comfortable temperature. The surface temperature is designed to be no higher than 88 degrees.

While a radiant floor heating system may cost more initially to install, the cost to operate will help offset the higher initial cost. AquaHeat’s radiant floor heating system is designed to use the lowest possible water temperature to produce an efficient transfer of energy. This also results in a consistent temperature. Because it delivers heat where it’s needed, with little waste, a properly designed and installed radiant floor heating system has tremendous potential for energy savings, with operating costs being significantly less than other heating systems, and with greater comfort. Thermostats can be placed in every room of the house, enabling you to set back the temperature in unoccupied rooms to save even more energy.

With the AquaHeat hydronic radiant floor heating system, any type of floor surface can be installed above it, including carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, or wood. And, because there are no floor grates or radiators to work around, you can place your furniture anywhere.