Waiting for the water to heat up so you can take a shower is never fun, and running out of hot water mid-shower is even worse. The Seisco Supercharger can prevent both of these scenarios.

The Supercharger is a new technology designed by Seisco to connect to a hot water tank or to a tankless water heater to act as a booster, regardless of the type of primary heating source. The Supercharger works with gas, electric, solar, heat pump, geothermal, and heat recovery systems.

The Supercharger works by increasing the heat in small increments to maintain a constant water temperature as the water temperature drops from the primary heat source. If the water is already heated to the proper temperature, it simply flows through the Supercharger without any additional heating. This helps prevent scalding. If the water temperature drops, the Supercharger will heat it only enough to bring it back to its set point. When properly sized, the Supercharger can provide unlimited hot water. And, because it activates only on demand, it saves both water and energy.

The Seisco Supercharger can be mounted to the heat source to significantly expand the hot water capacity to the entire home. For example, if a supercharger is added to a 40-gallon tank, the resulting performance is equivalent to that of a 60- or 80-gallon tank but uses significantly less energy. When mounted to a tank water heater, the Supercharger will provide continuous hot water after the tank has been exhausted. It can provide enough hot water to be able to provide hot water for laundry even after multiple people have taken their morning showers. It can be used with a gas tankless water heater to eliminate the “cold water sandwich effect” and will provide hot water for low-flow draws from bathroom faucets and high-efficiency dishwashers. With solar, geothermal, and heat pump systems, it can be used in place of a heating element in the tank and will heat incrementally only when the primary heat source is insufficient.

The Supercharger can also be mounted at or near the point of use. Each year consumers waste thousands of gallons of water simply waiting for hot water to travel through cold pipes. When mounted at the point of use, the Supercharger preheats the cold water in the pipes, providing instant hot water and eliminating the wait for hot water. Several Superchargers can be installed in multiple locations to preheat different zones.

The Supercharger features water level detection that prevents element burnout as well as self-diagnostics, including leak detection shut-down. It provides nearly silent operation with no moving parts. The Supercharger offers a 10-year limited warranty.