Ensure that your water supply is clean and safe to drink by using the Merrill SSMCU pitless unit with your submersible pump. The SSMCU pitless unit, available from Hydro Pump Company, eliminates the need for a pump house or well pit. This pitless unit offers the highest quality installation, including steel casing from below the frost line and up to and above ground level to provide the best water safety and sanitation.

The superior construction of the Merrill SSMCU pitless unit allows easy installation and servicing for contractors and provides the well owner with years of trouble-free service. The Merrill complete pitless unit includes the casing, discharge outlet, and internal parts, complete with a pull pipe and watertight cap.

The Merrill SSMCU series pitless unit offers a number of benefits, many of which are exclusive to Merrill pitless units. These benefits include:

  • Certified watertight pitless units and caps are tested and approved to comply with stringent state well codes.
  • A 100 percent pressure test of all units at the factor guarantees that the pitless unit will line up and seal when servicing the well.
  • A positive mechanical seal makes it easy to work on it and it will not rust. Simply turn the stainless steel adjusting screw inside the pull pipe.
  • A full diameter access to the well eliminates extra work when reworking or redrilling the well. There are no obstructions that may need to be removed before working on the well, which is common to pitless adapters.
  • It features a 100 percent stainless steel pitless body to ensure a long service life and provide easy disengaging for future work on the pump or well.
  • An extra-large, thick O-ring seal ensures a watertight seal to the inside casing and ensures it will reseal after is has been removed for service.
  • Male thread, plain end, or compression coupling is available on the end of the pitless casing for easy connection to the well.
  • A heavy-duty galvanized iron support bar holds 160 percent more weight to minimize the danger of losing the pump or pipe down the well.
  • A ground screw in the support bar provides a simple and easily accessible connection for the electrical ground wire of the pump cable.
  • Disengage it for service easily by simply turning the stainless steel adjusting screw. The entire water system outside of the well can be drained without pulling the pump. This is a great solution for seasonal homes.
  • Watertight well caps are available for all well codes.

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