With recent changes in regulations and market conditions, there have been a few changes with our Marathon Series Water Heaters. In an effort to inform our partners, please read about these changes below.

  1. Change in Marathon models offering

With the recent NAECA regulations in place, Rheem no longer manufactures MR series Marathon Water Heaters above 50 gallons. MR30, MR40, MR50 and MSR50 will continue to be available, but MR75, MR85 and MR105 are no longer available. Affected models shown below in red.

Pre-NAECA Model Post-NAECA Model
MR30 MR30
MR40 MR40
MR50 MR50
MR75 MHD75
MR85 MHD85
MR105 MHD105
  1. Change in Marathon product replacement

In the event an MR75, MR85 or MR105 is returned and must be replaced under warranty, we offer two options for replacement.

Option A: Receive an equivalent capacity MHD model as a replacement. The chart below outlines the replacement strategy:

Returned Model Replacement Model
MR75 MHD75
MR85 MHD85
MR015 MHD105

Please note:

  • There is a $0 surcharge for warranty replacement.
  • MHD models offer the same performance and features of MR models. End users will not be impacted if an MR model is preplaced with an MHD model.

Option B: Receive a credit towards any Rheem Water Heating solution. This credit will be based on the price of the equivalent MHD model at the time of return.

  1. Change in Marathon warranty terms

Effective November 1, 2015, MHD and MR models installed in residential, single family dwelling application must be registered within 90 days of installation to qualify for our Limited Lifetime Warranty. If the water heater is not registered within 90 days of installation, it is automatically covered by a 10-year Limited Warranty.

Click here to view the updated Marathon warranty terms.

  1. How to Register

In order to register a unit used in a residential, single-family dwelling application for the Limited Lifetime Warranty, please visit Rheem.com/warranty. Please see the attached “Registration Guide” document for additional details on this process.

As always, if you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact your Rheem Sales Representative.

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Ankur Maheshwari
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